Daily life task in a group or Shared living arrangement Cannington

NDIS Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or Shared living arrangement Cannington

Brightwest Care assists individuals in developing the domestic skills needed for independent living, with customized support available in shared units, host families, and individual households. We promote a sense of community in shared living environments, fostering social connections and support networks. In host family settings, we ensure that participants are placed in caring and nurturing homes. For those living alone, we enhance their self-sufficiency by building practical skills and confidence to manage their households effectively, leading to a more autonomous lifestyle.

Supports you may find under the assistance with daily living support category in your NDIS plan includes:

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Brightwest Care homes are warm, inviting and suitable for the NDIS participants.

Please feel free to contact our Intake Officers on 1300 398 111 to discuss how we can assist you.